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Raquel Welch was an Escort in Texas in the 60s

Before Raquel Welch was a sex symbol in the 1960s, she went by Raquel Tejada. The young Welch was a sought-after beautiful escort who made excellent money. Welch originally moved to Dallas, Texas with her two children. There, she started a modeling career with Neiman Marcus and worked as a cocktail waitress on the side. While living in Dallas, high-profile officials were rumored to have paid for Welch’s services. Welch was making a very good name for herself as an escort and never had any issues taking her clothes off. In 1979, she dawned Playboy’s cover. As Welch found success in Hollywood, her days of hooking came to an end. However, men can still dream about her with her timeless spread in Playboy.

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