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Flashback: ‘I like to show off’: Chinese celebrity Guo Meimei confesses to prostitution on state TV


Infamous internet celebrity Guo Meimei appeared on state television wearing orange prison attire on Sunday night, remorseful and in tears over her luxurious lifestyle and the public relations stunt that single-handedly destroyed the reputation of the Red Cross Society of China.

The 23-year-old was detained in Beijing on June 1st 2014 on gambling-related charges. Her “confession” broadcast on state-run television marked the end of a months-long investigation by a special cross-provincial police unit.

The public confession to all charges laid against her marks a steep turn in Guo’s celebrity career, which had even led her to shoot a self-funded film of her life story last year. The film detailed how she went from a troubled childhood in Hunan to study at the Beijing Film Academy before plunging the Red Cross into scandal in 2011.

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