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Denise Richards was a High-End Escort


Denise Richards is known as a sexual temptress who graced the movie and small screens with explosive roles in the 1990s. She was as hot as any leading lady around. She even rose to the status of “Bond Girl” for one of her epic roles. She also ended up marrying Charlie Sheen, but we’ll get to that soon. Before Richards ever appeared on camera, she worked for Heidi Fleiss at her highly secretive escort service.

Richards was a high-end escort who was able to capitalize on her relationships with clients. It is no coincidence that Charlie Sheen was one of Heidi Fleiss’ best customers ended up in a relationship with Richards. The dots are easy to connect here, but after gaining favors with her clientele, Richards was finally able to break into Hollywood and left the escort business far behind her.

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