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Bryan Cranston revealed he lost his virginity to a prostitute


In his new memoir, Bryan Cranston revealed he lost his virginity to a European prostitute — and the actor says he did not hesitate to share the story.

“As an actor, I’m given the responsibility of being vulnerable, of being exposed,” Cranston says in the new issue of PEOPLE. “I wanted to try and just be honest.”

Indeed, Cranston is completely candid in his retelling of the night in Austria that — while on a trip with an LAPD youth program in his teens — he did the deed with a woman in a blue dress at a brothel, which he hit up with two of his traveling companions.

“It’s entertaining, and it’s kind of sad — not having any guidance, just, ‘I guess I’ll do this.’ Just feeling your way through life as it goes,” adds Cranston, 60, of why he included the anecdote in his autobiography, A Life in Parts.

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