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Adrien Broner Pushes Stripper Off Of Him In The Club


In his message he apologizes to the dancer and says he “didn’t want [her] touching him cause that’s not the type of behavior that should go on while he’s in a LOVING RELATIONSHIP.” Adrien was seen partying in the club just days after being arrested in Miami on a bench warrant for a domestic charge.

Though Adrien was arrested, his bail was only $200, so needless to say he bounced as soon as he was processed. Though his stay was QUICK, there was someone else who was even quicker.

Andrew Caldwell aka Mr. DeliverdT has been alleging Adrien has been in his DMs for months and took the drama to the ‘gram. He must have caught wind about Adrien’s arrest on our page because shortly after we broke the news, he posted this:

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